On-site Training

On-site Training

Receive quality training on your own premises

If you prefer to receive quality training on your own premises, then we can accommodate you with our in-house training courses. We provide specialist courses that suit your requirements to train your employees on your grounds. Our on-site training courses are just as challenging as our standard courses yet you will benefit from team spirit, less travel and tailor-made training that we can offer. Our in-house courses can offer you and your staff gain nationally recognised awards, a boost in confidence and we can teach you the knowledge and skills to provide high quality security services.

On-site training courses


  • Enables your staff to gain the most up-to-date skills
  • Significantly reduces your overall training costs – save on the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs associated with attending one of our publically scheduled courses
  • Train more of your team
  • Courses can be tailored to meet client needs
  • Improves flexibility by arranging training to suit your business and schedule ​

Training on YOUR Terms

Choose from our range of in-house courses and pick a date and place. We’ll come to you with all the facilities needed for the training. No hassle, no fuss. Book your in-house course now!

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