A Jenkins, Brighton

A Jenkins, Brighton

I first heard about the security industry from my friend who quit his job to work as a Security Guard. He made great money and he really enjoyed what he did. At the time I was in full-time work but it was extremely demanding for not a great deal of money in return. My friend would tell me time and time again to get involved with the security industry, so I quit my job and headed down to the local job centre. They told me I needed an SIA License which I could only obtain after completing the relevant course and have been issued with the certificate. I knew I needed a license but felt a bit overwhelmed with doing a course. They gave me the names of some websites to research and I came across Security Training Solutions Ltd. The courses were simply explained and I chose to book one in Door Supervision right there and there. I called up to book and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They told me of the nearest training centre to me and in the next couple of weeks I had started my classes.

My trainer was extremely helpful and really looked after me. If I didn’t understand something they would happily sit down and go over it one-to-one with me until I understood it. I felt very comfortable sitting in a classroom again, which I must admit was a bit nervous about. I passed my exams with flying colours and completed the course. Security Training Solutions Ltd then gave me tips on filling out the SIA License application form. It is quite long and involved and I don’t think I could have done it without their help! I sent it off and within a few weeks, I had my license! I was now ready for employment. The services from Security Training Solutions Ltd didn’t stop there; they helped me find a job in my area that included my new expertise, which was a Door Supervisor. They had found one for me in a matter of weeks and I got started straight away. I am now working less, for more. I have met some great people through my new job and am really appreciating the benefits of being a Door Supervisor. Choosing Security Training Solutions Ltd was the best decision as they couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. Thanks to them I now have a brand new career that I am thoroughly enjoying and can’t wait to progress further in the industry.

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