J Newton, London

J Newton London

After being made redundant I had to look elsewhere for a job. As you all may know the process of finding a job while we’re in a recession is a painful experience and couldn’t find anything that I am normally qualified to do. Then when I went to see a job advisor they informed me of the security jobs available but I would need training and an SIA License to do these. I was a bit surprised as I didn’t realize security jobs were so in-depth. However, I noted the number of vacancies going in this industry and decided it was worth it. I did some research and came across Security Training Solutions Ltd and chose a CCTV training course as I have worked with computers all my life. I found the closest training center and began my course. It was broken down into two modules which were easily comprehensible and I was kept informed and encouraged throughout the whole course. I then had to take two multiple-choice examinations and a practical assessment, which I passed thanks to the invaluable help I received from the friendly trainers.

When I had found out I had passed I was over the moon and the process to fill out an application form for an SIA License began. I was slightly overwhelmed with the form but the staff at Security Training Solutions Ltd helped me with each step and was always there if I needed some help.

Within a couple of weeks, I had been granted my License and I was fully qualified to start my career as a Security Surveillance Operative!

Security Training Solutions Ltd kept me updated with the latest vacancies and helped me find the one that suited me best. They found me one close to home and good pay, which I am still employed today. I love my new job and the benefits it comes with. I have realized I feel much more satisfied with myself and proud that I have achieved something new. Taking up a new career in the security business has been one of the best things I have ever done, and I couldn’t have done it without the dedicated team at Security Training Solutions Ltd.

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